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A Reliable Team Of Security Professionals

Security Solution International (S.S.I.) is your company for complete security. S.S.I. was formed by retired members of N.Y.P.D. with an ideal background for this business.

Our Team members have backgrounds in:

U.S.M.C. – Communications/Military Intelligence

N.Y. Telephone Company – Repairman

N.Y.P.D. – Tactical Patrol Force

N.Y.P.D. – Honor Legion

Security requests were constant which formed the S.S.I. Corporations and individuals with security needs have kept S.S.I busy in an everchanging world of security.

The staff at S.S.I. has over 50 years of experience in the Electronic Security field. The staff is constantly reinventing itself through specialized schools and seminars to ensure that S.S.I. clients receive the best security possible.


Perimeter Protection, Video Security & Bio-Metric Control

Our security philosophy merges traditional law enforcement techniques with advanced security technologies in order to vet out situations.

Our extensively qualified management, assessment, surveillance, and field teams utilize foresight and resourcefulness developed from long-term assignment and multiple agency law enforcement task forces to provide unparalleled and multi-layer security, systems and protocols to meet your every need.

Round-The-Clock Installations & Services

  • Investigations
  • Background checks
  • Executive protection
  • Undercover operations
  • Custom security
  • Uniformed guard services.